We all know how much children love a party and when it comes to celebrating their birthday, choosing the right theme is an important part of it. While you may be constantly on the search for party theme ideas to plan the perfect birthday bash, it’s easy to forget that simplicity is key to keeping your little one happy at a children’s event. From parties inspired by glitter, to animals to superheroes, we’ve rounded up the best party theme ideas to suit every little birthday boy or girl!

This is the perfect theme to suit every boy and girl of every age since it provides great freedom with fancy dress opportunities. Whether it’s a turtle or an elephant, everyone has a favourite animal so this theme is sure to get everyone involved whether you’re an adult or a child!

Childs Elephant Costume

Every child is sure to be kept happy with a Disney party theme since it can range from fairytale princesses to adorable action heroes. Dressing up as your favourite Disney character is an event every child can look forward to on their birthday.

Girls Cinderella Costume

For those who like to keep things a little different, a historical theme will allow children to learn about history whilst having fun doing it. Our entertaining costumes range through all the time periods from Victorian to Egyptian to suit every taste.

Egyptian Boy Costume

Super Hero
If your little one is a fan of Marvel films and comics, then choosing a superhero theme is a great way to keep them entertained. Providing them with a fun excuse to dress up as their favourite character, this party theme is sure to keep every youngster happy.

Kids Spiderman Costume

Give children a chance to dress up as an adult with an amazing uniform fancy dress costume. Whether they aspire to be a policeman or a nurse, we’ve got a selection for every child.

Kids Policemen Costume

A TV or film party theme is a great idea for children who love to express themselves. Not only can you decorate your venue according to a particular film or TV programme, it also gives everyone a chance to portray their alter ego!

Girls Pink Lady Jacket

Wherever you plan to host your child’s birthday celebration, a party theme idea is a great way of ensuring everyone is involved and it gives them something to look forward to! For more children’s party theme ideas, please click here.

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