While many of us may have a favourite superhero who we’d secretly like to transform into, it’s not often that we have an opportunity to express our admiration for that character in everyday life. However, a special superhero party would provide the perfect setting for an action filled event for family and friends to enjoy! What’s more, a generic superhero party can include all kinds of comic book heroes and villains so that everyone has a chance to dress up as their favourite. So whether you’re a Marvel or DC fan, we’ve got a great selection of ideas to please every adult and child!

Deluxe Superman Costume


Superhero Invitations
Firstly, it’s important to set the tone for your action filled party with an awesome superhero themed party invitation. This allows you to make it clear if you want everyone to turn up to your party dressed up as their favourite character. Another idea is to add familiar phrases such as ‘Pow!’, ‘Zap!’, and ‘Kerpunch!’ to get people in the mood.

Superhero Party Decorations
Whether you’re into Spiderman or Captain America, making superhero decorations are much easier to use than you think. You can simply download printables online or make your own to hang around your venue.

Super Food Ideas
Everyone loves a cake at a party and if you’ve got the time, adding a special reference to a superhero on the cake would make a great touch. For some other ideas to keep your guests entertained, you can use coloured ice cubes and even cut sandwiches into diamonds or bat shapes.

Fancy Dress
A superhero party just isn’t the same unless everyone comes dressed as their favourite character! Ensure you get your superhero outfit just right with our great selection of costumes and accessories including capes and headgear. The more realistic your superhero costume is, the more you will feel like the real character!

Games & Activities
Every party needs a game to get everyone’s super powers involved! Partygoers can have a blast with a tag game, memory game or muscle game to name a few, so everyone’s talents can be tested to the maximum.

Black Widow Costume

Whatever is your favourite superhero character, you are sure to have fun with our excellent selection of superhero costume and party ideas!

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