Lots of things make a summer party special, not least of which is the fact you can take it outside! It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a wild birthday party for children, or something a little more (or less!) classy for adults - there’s a fair few golden rules for planning a summer party. The following tips will help you get the most of our best weather, and ensure all the guests are left desperate to know when your next event will be.

Pick a good theme

Summer parties allow your to get more adventurous with your decorations and party setting. This means that for costume parties or those following a specific theme, you can do more when your guests arrive in character. If you’re able to set up a screen and projector in your back garden, then what better excuse could you have for everyone to show up for a themed movie night? Or, if you have a woodlands or forest area near your home, then you can turn a simple children’s fancy dress party into an enchanted treasure hunt or fairytale adventure.

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Prepare for the worst weather

We don’t need to remind you how temperamental British summertimes can be. On the slight chance the heavens open up and threaten to drench your party location, have a backup plan in mind. This could be as simple as moving everyone indoors, to something that requires a little more coordination, like having a tent or shelter and a team who can set it up quickly. If the weather forecast means a deluge is likely, then it's best to scrap the cushions and opt for plastic and other waterproof furniture.

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Serve up appropriate finger food

Summer parties are great chance to show off your mastery of hors d'oeuvres and in crafting cocktails. It’s important to make sure you get those numbers right - 8-10 mini appetisers per person, and around 1 and half drinks per person, per hour. On that last point, people tend to drink a lot more in hot weather, so make sure anything with any alcohol in it is left on the light side. Another major mistake people make is leaving the food out for too long. To avoid this, bring it out in smaller helpings, and replenish only when necessary.

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Embrace the dessert!

More than other time of year, summer rewards any host who puts the extra effort into after-dinner treats. Whether they come from your back garden or the local market, try and incorporate seasonal berries into your dishes, and even if you go for something as simple as ice-cream, try making it from scratch with flavours that err on the side of the unique and exotic.

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