The trend over the last few years has been for Halloween costumes to lean a little further away from the scary side. In our opinion this is no bad thing, as it lets you enjoy the holiday the way you want - whether that be with a laugh or a scream. The following present a mix of frightening and fantastically silly Halloween costumes for 2016, all of which Party on Warehouse can have to you in 1-7 working days, and with a 14 day money back guarantee.

#1 Pennywise

Hollywood horror remakes are still a nuisance, and next year we’ll see another attempt at adapting Stephen King’s hallowed novel ‘It’. You can celebrate early with our ‘Classic Horror Clown Costume’, which comes complete with a colourful jumpsuit and terrifying mask.

#2 Zombie Hippy

Schoolgirls, nuns, Alice in many costumes have been zombified now that it’s hard to find something new. You can give the undead a groovy new twist with our ‘Zombie 60’s Hippy Lady costume’, which features its own waistcoat and headscarf to soak in fake blood.

#3 Pinhead

If we had to make a list of scariest horror villains who aren’t seen enough nowadays, Pinhead from The Hellraiser series would be right at the top. His ghastly design and devilish grin are well worth reintroducing to the mortal world, and can be done authentically with this mask and costume.

#4 Immortal Soul

Why settle for being a pointy-hatted witch when you could show up at a Halloween party as one dignified, deliciously evil sorceress? The ‘Immortal Soul’ outfit is one of our more versatile ladies Halloween costumes; comprising of a sleek black dress with lace detailing. You can use it to create a variety of looks and characters, suh as Morticia from the Adams family.

#5 Endoskeleton

Much as we love Arnie, the scariest part of the Terminator was when the metallic monster underneath was finally revealed. The Endoskeleton costume is a great homage to that iconic moment, with a slightly cheesy feel thanks to that realistic looking robotic mask.

#6 Anatomy Man

Similar in style to the previous costume, this gruesome looking bodysuit for those who revel in the horrified stares of their fellow party guests. Showing every muscle beneath the skin, its attention to detail borders on the macabre, and yet the outfit is still surprisingly comfortable to slip into.

#7 Alien Lord

This vintage Halloween costume harks back to a time where aliens could look laughably ridiculous, and yet they were still considered scary. This 50’s alien inspired otherworldly suit comes with its own robe, mask and fake-hands (UFO not available, sorry!)

#8 Sinful Soothsayer

Another ladies Halloween costume that goes for grace and a classic chill-factor, the ‘Sinful Soothsayer’ includes a detailed and tatty looking dress, and overdress to complete the look. A great outfit for experimenting and adding your own imaginative touches.

#9 Saw Pig

It’s hard to believe the last Saw movie came out 6 years ago. Images from that series are still haunting us, not least of which is the iconic ‘Pig’ outfit by the killer Jigsaw and his apprentices. This version includes the red and black robe, as well as the grotesque mask itself.

#10 Zombie Plumber

For our last costume, we ask again: where do you take the monster that’s been taken everywhere? You zombie-up one of the cutest icons of childhood, video-gaming’s Mario, by giving him a latex ribcage and a bloodied up version of his universally recognized plumber’s overalls and hat...

Post By Dan