For so long, it was simply uncool to enjoy the 80’s. Now the decade has hit full retro status, and everyone and their mother is revisiting the decade, regardless of whether they experienced it themselves. If you want to embrace flamboyant rock, cheesy hip-hop and over-the-top TV this summer, then here’s some brilliant 80’s theme party ideas to unleash.

Totally awesome 80’s music

Objectivity gets thrown out the window when it comes to 80’s music; whilst some artists were undeniable game changers, others are very hard to enjoy in retrospect. Any essential 80’s music fancy dress party has to include those artists who ruled the decade through looks alone; Michael Jackson, Madonna and Freddie Mercury are just a few who spring to mind. Some artists didn’t set a trend as they did reflect it, which is why our 80’s Hip Hop and Wild Girl costumes work in nearly all cases.

A decade defined by wigs

Rather than just rely on a single outfit, the key to hosting a brilliant 80’s theme party is going all out on the accessories. Our own range includes punk essentials, from neon bands to tattoo sleeves, but we’d be making a big mistake if we didn’t have a great set of 80’s wigs to go with it. Mega mullets, crazy mohicans and neon extreme hairdos were what powered the vibe in the 80’s and we’ve made sure to cover every corner when it comes to radical hairstyles.

80’s Movies and TV shows

There’s a reason Hollywood is desperately remaking its greatest hits of the 80’s; genre defining works of cinema and television that unfortunately look a little dated today. Their silliness makes for great party costumes however, and it doesn’t matter whether your favourite is Back to the Future, Top Gun, Footloose, Saved By The Bell, Ghostbusters, He-man & She-Ra or Dirty Dancing - all are recognisable and generally easy to pull off!

Dance Contests Inspired by the 80’s

The 80’s was a decade of...specific skills, many of which haven’t exactly carried on into modern day. Sure, lip-syncing is now synonymous with YouTube, but breakdancing? Air-guitar? The moon-walk? These are the stuff of legendary 80’s parties. If you can supply a well-deserved prize to the person who can perfectly pull off The Worm, rock an invisible instrument like Marty McFly, or go full robot, then your party will be talked about right until 2080.

Post By Dan